Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Installed Solaris 11 Beta on my Laptop

Hey there.. its a long gap I know.. I dropped Solaris on my laptop, so I did a full formatt on my HHD .. what.what??.. ya u are correct I could have installed solaris as a dual OS.... But my HHD had one primary partitions and remaining 3 drives of extended logical partition..

Most of the UNIX does not support logical partition.. I know u 'll raise.. "U could have re-formatted and changed any one of the logical drive to primary naa ?"

here come my stupidity, initially I kept 6 GB for XP installation on C drive but that XP eats all the space in few days itself... bcuz my RAM is 1.2 GB so
pagefile.sys have taken 1.2 GB .. Then SP 2 taken its part.. So I have installed all the "program files" on one of the logical partition.. U know u can't convert the sub part of the logical partition into primary... Instead of deleting all "program files", I thought formatting XP would be a better option...

Still I had an option ..That "partition magic software" only.. But I don't want to use that.. So.. I formatted whole the drive..

Long long month ago, I have downloaded and burned the 5 CDs of Solaris 11 beta, but after 5 months later I installed that on my LT.. :( Solaris 11 is the latest version but Solaris 10 is the last stable version.. I was working in 25X80 text mode only.. Since my 1280x800 TFT was not able to configure ..

Working in Solaris is very different from Linux.. In office also I'm working in Solaris... But there, its just programs I didn't feel the actual taste of Solaris.. Now I can see the actual things... Its interesting too.. Lets see how longs my journey goes in Solaris...

w.r.t "linux on laptop",
gentoo Linux is superb!!! Its did all the thing by itself.. ya that wide screen problem only.. Even Ubuntu struck at "hot plug configuration".. I tried with live CDs... now I installed the windows again.. I have to run the grub to get the back the Solaris to my MBR...


Blogger Manivannan said...

I wonder how you could enjoy solaris on a intel machine; -- it's not that much powerful unless it is installed on a sparc machie.
Anyway, keep enjoying.

I too got access to Sun Os on spar machine (that's our client system). :-)

10:34 AM  
Blogger prabs said...

u r correct.. i'm just a newbie so i want to make myself comfortable with this env... so my 1.25GB RAM enough for this... what say ??

ours is also solaris [i mean the client].. that too the second largest db in the world.. with 24 CPU .. like a super duper jet.. hahaha

10:48 AM  
Blogger Ramprasad said...

Cool man. I never knew you were working on Solaris. Happy going!

8:17 AM  
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