Sunday, January 25, 2009

Completed my first half Marathon

"If you want to win something,
       run 100 meters.
 If you want to experience something, 
       run a Marathon." 

   - Emil Zatopek, Olympic Legend

Running and all was never in my dream, but somehow I was pulled into my company relay competition few months back. It was 10K by 4 people, I came on 14th position among some 250 people.. and that was my first inspiration. 


Then I heard of this Bangalore Mid night Marathon, but I saw only 5K that with a great difficulty. Somehow I got motivated by seeing my PM interests on running. So I thought of giving a try to half marathon. 21 KM is too long to run, but only hope I had was that even if I don’t complete I can come out in the middle ;) and there is nothing wrong in giving a try. So as usual, planned to practice every day - Just planned, never followed. My GYM master was totally against me on running as I could loss lots of weight ( tho' I don't have anything to loss ;) ) but I wanted to try that at any cost. Hence without brothering anything further, started practicing on treadmill.. and here is my run log :

       Date    KM     mins   KG     stop 
0  3(twice) 
1   27-Dec-08    7.5    58   68.6     0 
2   25-Dec-08    8      50   68.8     3 
3    2-Jan-09   12      70   68       1 
4    8-Jan-09   17     110   68.5     0 
5   10-Jan-09   Half   160            0

There was a huge difference when running in treadmill and on road. Treadmill was very easy, while running on road I got hurt my left leg, still manage to finish it somehow. Rock and Tempo Music which picked for running helped me a lot to keep going and also the glucose they provide during the marathon gives instead energy for some time. After running for 2 hr and 40 min I was pretty exhausted. I struggled to reach my bike which was parked 1 km far and in a loosy sand :( , it was freezing cold too in the night. I took around 15 to 20 mins to take my bike out of the loose sand ( no energy at all ) finally a guard helped me. At the end, I manage to reach home around 4 am( my home was 25 KM away). But with all this pain there is a proud feeling that I have completed half marathon :)  

Will try to complete Fulll Marathon  in  an year or so.



Blogger Sakthi said...

Cool Prabhu. Good luck with your full marathon. But I advise you stretch and practise on road before you try full marathon. A good running shoe like asics will help you to reduce the stress on your legs. If you are running often you have to change the shoes every 5 months and don't use the shoes for anything other than running.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Jayasim said...

Nice man...Have registered for standard chattered full marathon,2012 in mumbai ..wanna try this winters :) huh???

3:46 AM  
Blogger prabs said...

I have injured my ligament, not even able cover 5 miles.. If it gets heel then I will try for the full one.. Till then no running but may be cycling.. Let's see..

Mumbai marathon is very famous and hyped bcz of the crowd.but if you want the best location try the Leh and pondy one.even the half one sud be good.

Anyway,all the best for ur preperation and for the event:)

Now I am sure u gonna present ur self a G-Shock :P

4:00 AM  
Blogger Jayasim said...

u damaged ur ligament...damn...i could have done the full one last year itself but missed my reg this time its all set...lets c...broke the 2hr barrier with my half one...setting realistic but farfetched target of less than 4hrs for the full 1, lets c :) by the way forgot to tell u,have presented myself a Gshock sterday :)

4:24 AM  

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