Sunday, February 11, 2007

Things which i miss to blog it...

I was kinda of busy for the last few months, i have missed a lots of topics which i thought of sharing here.

Here it goes ...

Java performance tunning:

I got chance a of working in an core java project. i have been tuning multi-threaded java application. I came across of lots of interesting factors in the performances like wait vs sleep , multi-threading vs (String, log4j, vector), performance vs OOPS, JVM arguments ...

....actually plan was writing longggggg article for each topics...

Vasota trekking :

Its an another beautiful page in my mumbai diary. Really an awesome place for amateur trekkers. Its 150 km from Pune, then 45 mins bus traveling and 2 hrs awesome launch journey thats one of the best part of the trip.

you slowly realize that you are a distant urban fool..
As the surrounding there is really cool..

I got cold feet, the breeze and the butterflies..
..which are the better flies !!!

A night's stay in the cave..
cooking maggi and fire-camp in the dark forest..

On the next day we were chilling out at panchgani(really on cloud #9). Vodka and a night out adds more fun to the trip.

.oOPS i really missed to share this blissful experience.

have a look at my flickr

Business & Project ideas :

These are not just due for few months, but for few couple of years.So i have forget few of those, few actually implemented somewhere.Just very fews are left.Just wait for my next blog.

sed and nawk :

There are lot of scripting logic I came to across. Processing data using nawk is requires a totally a different programing logic to use power of nawk.its really interesting,fast and usefull. may i'll try bloggin some scripts later...

"Hello world" in AJAX :

<< 'll writing soon.. >>



Blogger Manivannan said...

oops! thats interesting to see the java assignment you had! i too had such a hardcore coding task! right form the day one i gotta code many stuffs!
these people has taught me hell a lots of things on how to write programs and especially how not to!

Interesting life here it is.

6:59 AM  
Blogger prabs said...

thats cool mani .. @ wipro or oracle ?

8:42 AM  
Blogger Manivannan said...

in oracle prab.

10:47 PM  

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