Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My CDs [ project ]

so guys, finally i come up with the new plan..ur views are most welcome ! !


To keep tracks of all the CDs/DVDs and its directory structure and contains in an vitural directories.In otherwords, cd Library. [Also to learn perl]

Requriements :

1. Need to stored all the Directory and files details of all the CDs and its name.
2. File details includes name, extenstion [if applicable ], size, date of creation, relative path.
3. Ability to search files and directories with part of the file name as keyword.
4. Search should have the following options:
a. case sensative
b. Regular expression
c. OR & AND operation
d. size
e. Date
f. Path
5. Ability to traverse to all the directories and list all the files in particular directory.
6. Ability to list all the files and directories in tree views.
7. Rip all the files and directory stuctures in the given CD/DVD.

Plan :

Phase I :
Rip all the contents in the CD and store it in the file.
Phase II :
All the other requirements in command mode [not GUI].
Phase III :
All the requirements in GUI mode.


1. File will be used to store all the informations of CDs/DVDs and that file will be passed as an argument.
2. Stucture of the file contents.
cd1 Name|details <>directory2|details <..>>>
cd2 Name|details <>directory2|details <..>>>
3. In command mode interface, all the options should be made and also available as command-line arguments.
4. Indexing will be made available in memory for better search algorithm.
5. Separate (Binary) Search algorithm will be implemented in a separate module.
6. Proper help / manual will be made available for all the options.

Languages Used : Perl and <<>>

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Blogger Sakthi said...

Cool way to learn PERL. Good Luck.

7:57 PM  
Blogger karthys said...

a binary search is definitely not enough..definitely you will need a tree structure (some form of B-tree)...

a good way to learn any programming language..

11:43 PM  
Blogger prabs said...

thx da sakthi n karthy...

correct da karthy... need to do some R & D on the same..

5:33 AM  
Blogger Senthilkumaran said...

did u finish it up now?? need to know in detail abt wat's the internal stuff da!!

10:37 PM  
Blogger prabs said...

Plans are just plan .. not the execution :P

not yet started machi.. not able to find the time.. i'll surly let you da..

7:51 AM  
Blogger Senthilkumaran said...

fine prabhu thought of telling u something. if it involves complex storage operations try it on python man. not because am working on that but has got excellent data structures da. that's it machi

10:27 PM  

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